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A Journey...

to Saving More Money,

Earning New Money,

and Finding More Money.

Of course money comes in many different forms. Today with the advances in global technology, credit cards will become second hand methods. The charges for late fees, overlimit fees,
bank fees, service fees, ATM fees, (also know as Gypsyism) will be obsolete.

Please check our newest system, "The Work Order Angel," so you can see how we provide an
innovative approach to getting work started and finished with just a phone call.
"The Work Order Angel" is the most economical method to cost containment and maintenance
avoidance. The following proposals are provided for your ease of budgeting and can be modified
for any particular client application.

M3Power Maintenance Management

Remote Work Orders (laptops and stand-alone units)

EnterpriseWide Work Order (local and foreign)

Web Enabled Work Orders

Work Order Angel (based on using your telephone and server)

Updates and On-Site

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"How Support Management Can Improve Productivity and Profitabilityat a cost that is less than the cost of taking a coffee break...NOW!"

  • Cost Containment
  • Maintenance Avoidance
  • Revenue Enhancement
  • Smart Sustainability
  • Operational Readiness
  • Governance, Risk, & Compliance
  • Private Labeled

What if you could have access to over 20,000 software programs and utilities that are ready to replicate, re-engineer or associate in any manner you want in minutes? Would this be awesome or what?

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